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Absolutely amazing roofing tool. I've been using cushions for years, I wish I had the pitch hopper a long time ago. I will definitely be purchasing more of them.

​Brian Farischon, January 2, 2023

Was very skeptical how well it would work, but man this thing is solid. I grab it when I’m working on a steeper than usual roof and now I can’t imagine working up there without it.

Michael Glasser, Aug 4, 2022

What a great product! Makes being on a roof much more comfortable. Easy to use and seems like a miracle. Ordering was easy, product arrived quickly. Definitely a recommended product from me!

Linda Barsalou, Nov 25, 2022

If you work on roofs, buy this now! My guys love these for doing anything on roofs. It's so sturdy and gives you a nice platform to work off.

Ryan Leshinski, Oct 6, 2022,

This product is absolutely phenomenal! I have been accustomed to using the foam from old road-side urine stained couch cushions as roof pads over my career...not any more! I am a professional painter and have used 4 of these on several of my jobs over the past year since I got them. They create safety and comfort while being simple to use. Won't damage shingles even when its blazing hot and sunny out. They have held up well and I will be buying more!

Jason W, Aug 8, 2022

The Pitch Hooper is a game changer, for anyone who climbs roofs for a living! It’s easy to use and assists with transition on and off the roof from a ladder. When on the roof it helps you walk up to the ridge especially on steep roofs. Coming down it also gives you that added sense of security. Try it and see, take it from me, you’ll be glad you did and wonder why you didn’t buy/use one sooner!

Michael Bocchino, Mar 17, 2021

The Pitch Hopper Reviews

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