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Frequently asked questions


The Pitch Hopper or a couch cushion?

We created The Pitch Hopper to give workers something that have not had before to allow them to work safer and more efficiently. Yes, couch cushions are free, but you cannot compare a used couch cushion to a specifically designed tool that allows workers to have a level platform to kneel or stand on. The Pitch Hopper will reduce strain and increase productivity for roof workers.

Who can benefit from using Pitch Hopper products?

Anyone that works on a roof, period.

What surface can I use The Pitch Hopper on?

The Pitch Hopper is designed for asphalt shingles.

What makes The Pitch Hopper Unique?

The Pitch Hopper is a patented design that will reduce fatique and increase productivity all while increasing safety and remaining lightweight. There is no other product like it on the market.

Is The Pitch Hopper OSHA approved?

OSHA does not certify or approve any products. Any claim that a product is "OSHA approved" is misleading.

How long will The Pitch Hopper last me?

The Pitch Hopper uses a foam pad to adhere to asphalt shingles. The foam pad will eventually wear out, but we have roofing crews that have used the same Pitch Hoppers for over a year. To elongate the life of your Pitch Hopper please center your weight and avoid stepping on the corners and edges.


Shipping time?

All orders are shipped out within 24 working hours. Generally orders should be received in 1-5 business days from your order date.

Shipping cost?

Shipping costs are determined based on your location and order summary. All orders over $150 will receive free shipping.

Does The Pitch Hopper ship internationally?

At this time The Pitch Hopper ships to the United States and Canada. Canada orders are subject to GST and/or duty, although new USMCA will reduce or null duty taxes. Please check with your local government for precise information on USMCA and duties.


How Can I Order?

You can order your Pitch Hopper easily through our online store at The Pitch Hopper is not responsible for any delays to orders due to circumastances beyond our control such as weather, missing/incorrect addresses, etc. In-Store: We are in ABC Supply, SRS Distriubtion, Carter Lumber Retail Locations

What Payments Are Accepted?

The Pitch Hopper Accepts Discover, Visa, Mastercard, Amerian Express, Paypal

What are The Pitch Hopper terms and conditions?


Can I cancel my Pitch Hopper order?

If you would like to cancel your order, please contact us at right away +1(833) 901-2101.

What is The Pitch Hopper private policy?


How can I contact customer service?

Please email us at with the subject line "Pitch Hopper Help" or you can call us at +1(833)901-2101.

How can I track my order?

You will be emailed with the tracking information once your order is processed and shipped out. Please use this to track your order status using email and order number.

What Are Your Operating Hours

Online Store: 24/7/365. Customer Service: Weekdays 9am-6pm Holidays Vary

What Are The Safety Warnings

Please read all safety warnings before use. Detailed warning lables are sent to your email and are placed inside every package. The Pitch Hopper does not replace any safety equipment.


What is The Pitch Hopper return policy?

The Pitch Hopper offers a 14 day full refund for untouched/unused products. Our products are no longer eligible for a return after the product has been used. If you have any questions or concerns about a return please contact us through email at and we will help you right away.