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How It Works

The creation of The Pitch Hopper® was the result of a concerted effort by a group of inventors, roofing professionals, engineers, and scientists who sought to bring about a transformation in the roofing industry. The team embarked on a journey that involved countless hours of brainstorming, testing and experimentation to come up with a solution that would meet the demands of the industry. Through their dedication and commitment, they were finally able to develop what is now recognized as The Pitch Hopper.

The Pitch Hopper Wedge


The base of The Pitch Hopper is made from a proprietary type of foam that was designed for it's strength and durability. This foam material is lightweight and strong, making it the ideal material for the base of The Pitch Hopper. It also has excellent resistance to impact and compression, and retains its shape even after repeated use.

The Pitch Hopper Soft Foam

Soft Foam Bottom

The soft foam bottom on The Pitch Hopper is a key feature that sets it apart from other roofing tools. This foam material provides a secure grip on the asphalt shingles while also protecting the shingles from any damage. The foam's soft texture eliminates the risk of any dents or scratches on the shingles, ensuring the longevity and integrity of the roof.

Friction Force

Friction force is the force that resists motion between two objects in contact. In the case of The Pitch Hopper, the friction force between the foam material and the asphalt shingles provides the necessary grip to keep the wedge in place. This allows roofing professionals to work efficiently and effectively, knowing that the wedge will not slip or move during the course of their work.

The Pitch Hopper On A Roof
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