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Win The Storm 2023!

We at The Pitch Hopper were thrilled to participate as an exhibitor at Win The Storm 2023, a major conference that brought together thousands of roof professionals from around the world. The event was held in Fort Lauderdale, Florida and offered attendees the chance to learn about the latest trends and technologies in the roofing, insurance, and storm restoration industries, as well as network with peers and industry experts alike.

As an exhibitor, we had the amazing opportunity to showcase our line of products to the attendees. We were excited to meet with so many professionals, answer questions, and demonstrate how our product can improve comfort and productivity on the job site.

One of the highlights of the conference was the chance to network with other professionals in the industry, including contractors, suppliers, manufacturers, and insurance professionals. We had valuable conversations with our peers that will undoubtedly lead to future partnerships, and learned about the latest best practices in the roofing industry along the way.

Win The Storm was an excellent opportunity for The Pitch Hopper to connect with tons of great people and showcase our product to a wide audience. We look forward to participating in future roofing conferences and continuing to drive innovation in the roofing industry.

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