The Pitch Hopper ™


Patented Roofing Wedge.

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"Climbing a steep roof scares me. 10/12- 12/12 I used to avoid, until I used The Pitch Hopper. I use it to climb and stay on the roof. I’ve gained more and more confidence because of this product. Forget a cushion, every roofer needs one of these."

— Pitch Hopper Customer March 18th, 2021

Durable. Ergonomic. Light.

Moving your lightweight yet highly-durable wedge around the roof is easy. Our steep pitch roof assistance tool weighs less than 7lb for the 32 Inch, and less than 6lbs for the 24 Inch.

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Friction Force Foam 

We make a uniquely blended foam and bind it to the wedge. Friction & weight does the rest.

New Techniques Await

24 Inch & 32 Inch are in-stock. Both sizes function the same. Create new ways to roof better using both sizes the way you want to.

Easy Grab Handles

Just grab your Hopper and go with effortless hand placement. Each Pitch Hopper has matching grab areas on either side.

Increase Productivity

Not only will The Pitch Hopper reduce everyday fatigue, you can enjoy a more productive way to do roof work. 

Anti-Slip Textured Grip Plate

Center your weight for best results. Always wear proper footwear while on jobsite. A certified Safety Harness must be worn for optimum safety.

New Peace Of Mind

Reduce Strain On Joints

More Reliable Than Traditional Methods

 High Resistance to Chemicals

Patented & Made 100% In The USA

Multi-Industry Capability

Create New Techniques

Increase productivity

Ditch Your Couch Cushion

Antibacterial material 

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How Can They Be Used?

The Pitch Hopper is designed for roof workers of all types. Browse our growing list of applications to see how you could benefit using a Pitch Hopper.