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The Pitch Hopper Mega Crew Pack (20 Count) - 24 Inch

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Limited Time Offer! 20 Total 24 Inch Pitch Hoppers - FREE SHIPPING

Offer only valid for customers in the United States.

20 - 24 Inch Pitch Hoppers In Ten Boxes

Free Shipping Via UPS Ground & Self Pick Up


We created the patent pending Pitch Hopper to help the workers with the hardest and most dangerous jobs. Built by roofers, we are with you to reduce daily fatigue and increase productivity. We hope our product can make a difference for you daily, and eventually become something you won't want to go to work without!



The Pitch Hopper gives you a comfortable, stable surface to work on.


The Pitch Hopper enables you or your crew to navigate around the roof easier with the easy grab handles on both sides.


Because of the Pitch Hopper’s exceptional grip surface and easy to grab handles your crew will be safer.


No more ugly, dirty, & clumsy couch cushions.


Provide your crew with a level, stable surface anywhere on the roof.


The Pitch Hopper reduces shingle scaring and scuffing to shingles on hot days.


Length: 24" or 32"

Depth: 18"

Height: 7"

Weight: 32" = 6 lbs. | 24" = 5 lbs.


Pitch Hopper Applications:

  • Roof Install / Repair
  • Siding Installation / Cleaning
  • Gutter Repair
  • Painters
  • Level Surface For Work Table, Hand Tools, Radio, Siding +
  • Handyman Services
  • Bat / Pest Control
  • Wildlife Industry / Critter Control
  • Security Installation
  • Window Repair / Cleaning
  • Light Installation / Decoration
  • Chimney Cleaning, Repair, Cap Install
  • Satellite Installation
  • Solar Panel Installation


*If you want your Pitch Hopper to last longer it is highly recommend to not use the Pitch Hopper during tearing off a roof.

Usage: Product is designed to provide a level working surface on 12/12 to 7/12 pitched roofs. Use on any other pitch will result in an un-leveled working surface. Familiarize yourself with the pitch of the two working surfaces and know the pitch you are working on.


1) Inspect product for damage, deterioration or dampness

a. Discard if soft foam bottom delaminates

b. Discard if corners or edges are broken

c. Before using, allow product to completely dry if soft foam has become wet

2) Secure personal safety harness according to local, state and federal regulations

3) Check sloped roof for lose debris, oily substance or moisture

a. If any of the above are present, DO NOT USE THE PITCH HOPPER PRODUCT

4) Place Pitch Hopper on sloped roof

a. Long edge perpendicular to roof slope

b. Soft foam bottom fully in contact with asphalt shingles

c. Working surface level with ground

5) Center weight on working surface

a. Never stand, kneel or place weight entirely on edges of working surface

6) Avoid applying horizontal force while working from Pitch Hopper

7) To move product, simply set Pitch Hopper in desired location following above procedure

Always use safety harness and/ or certified fall protection. Pitch Hopper is only to be used on asphalt shingled roofs excluding designer shingles.

Made from recycled material.

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