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Yellow Series Absorb 50% Less Heat Than Original. Limited Supply Availible.
The Pitch Hopper is designed to allow a temporary working surface on asphalt roof surfaces for roof pitches ranging from 'walking pitch' to 12:12. Our superior grip surface uses friction force to keep The Pitch Hopper in place. Our unique wedge shape features one side for lower pitch and one steeper pitch allowing for easy usage and maximum comfortability.
We created the Patented Pitch Hopper to help the workers with the hardest and most dangerous jobs. Built by roofers, we are with you to reduce daily fatigue and increase productivity. We hope our product can make a difference for you daily, and eventually become something you won't want to go to work without!
REDUCE FATIGUE The Pitch Hopper gives you a comfortable, stable surface to work on.
INCREASE PRODUCTIVITY The Pitch Hopper enables you or your crew to navigate around the roof easier with the easy grab handles on both sides.
WORK SAFER Because of the Pitch Hopper’s exceptional grip surface and easy to grab handles your crew will be safer.
LOOK PROFESSIONAL No more ugly, dirty, clumsy couch cushions.
EXPAND CAPABILITIES Provide your crew with a level, stable surface anywhere on the roof.
DAMAGE LESS ROOFS The Pitch Hopper reduces shingle scaring and scuffing to shingles on hot days.
	Length: 24" or 32"
	Depth: 18"
	Height: 7"
	Working Surface Area
	24" = 1.5 Square Feet Working Surface Area
	32" = 2 Square Feet Working Surface Area
	Weight: 24" = 5 lbs. | 32" = 6 lbs.
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    Bundle: One Of Each Size [24 & 32]

    Crew Pack: [12] Pitch Hoppers

    Mega Crew Pack: [20] Pitch Hoppers


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